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Hello, I am the mom and the person who designed this site. This is my first try so please don't be too harsh!

An interesting fact about me is that I collect snowmen. I am crazy about them. I have done the entry way to my home in a snowman border. I have several paintings and a blanket with snowmen that hang on the walls above the border. I have bookshelves full of different types of snowmen. I have a tea set, a lamp, candy jars, a pez dispenser, a snowman made out of a gum package, candle holders, figurines of different shapes and sizes, ornaments, music boxes, stuffed snowmen, and even an old cast iron skillet with a snowman scene painted on it. I love the unusal ones. My favorite one is hand painted by my 75 year old grandfather. It is a large snowman with his arms stretched straight out from his sides. It is used to hang Candy Canes on.

Even though I love snowman, I dislike snow. Living in Tahoe is a hardship, because of course snow is our industry. I love to watch the snow falling outside, but I hate to go out in it because it is cold. My kids however love being in the snow. As the mother of a ski racer I get to spend many weekends hugging the side of a ski hill cheering on my son. This means braving the snow and cold weather. Slowly, I am beginning to enjoy being in the snow more and more. BUT, If I had my choice, I would be snuggled up by a warm

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