An Adventure In Lake Tahoe

Information About Our Site
  2. none
  3. Date of Project: 3-24-00
  4. School: Incline Homeschool Group
  5. District: Wahoe County School District
    City: Incline Village, NV. -USA
  6. Teachers or Classes: Tracy Lant and Vicki Prim
  7. How many students worked on this project? 3
  8. Their ages were: 9-10 years old
  9. Project Contact Email:

Project Overview
  1. We entered our Web site in CyberFair Category: Local Attractions Natural and Man Made
  2. Description of "Our Community"
We are a small town whose primary source of income is generated by tourists visiting our area. Most of the local businesses cater to the tourist who come to enjoy the beautiful of Lake Tahoe. We have a ski area with in our town, as well as two semi-private beaches. There are 15 local ski resorts with in an hours drive. We have several casinos in town that bring tourists to gamble and also offer them a place to stay. Most of the residents are dual homeowners and either come to visit on weekends or rent their home to tourists.
  1. Summary of Our Project
We designed a web site based on what attracts people to our area. The natural beauty, the sports, and our man made attractions. We also gave a little on the history of Lake Tahoe.
  1. Our Internet Access
We have the internet in our home. Since we homeschool we accessed the internet from our house.
  1. Problems We Had To Overcome
This was our first web page design. We bought a program to help us design it, but sometimes that was worse than trying to do it ourselves. It took forever to get all the fonts and pictures to work together. I think we may still have a couple of places where we just couldn't get the text to come out how we planned. We also didn't learn of the Cyber Fair until the end of February so that gave us some time constraints to deal with. Several of the kids who were originally going to work on the project dropped out. One child did most of the research and information located on these pages.
  1. Our Project Sound Bite
The students really had an exciting time learning about web page design. They plan to make more homepages for the family and the local homeschool group.

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